Letterfrack Year two

Below are a set of pictures of some of the work completed during year two of my studies at Letterfrack in the furniture design and fabrication course ATU

Danish cord bench and Stool

Drinks Cabinet

Hallway Table

Kumico Lamp

Small Cabinet

Cork County Cycling Championships

The last few weeks have seen a few races, notably the Orwell 2 Day where Neil managed to get 15th overall, he just missed the break on stage three, if that had worked out it would have been a lot better. Still a few days later and he drives to Fermoy to participate in the Cork Champs. A great ride he won the race in a two man break with Sean Barrett from Kanturk O’Leary Stone, who at the same time won the Junior title.

A long drive for an evening race but worth it

Watch a video here below

Cork County Championships

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Crotty Cup 2019

Neil rode in the Crotty Cup on Saturday the 11th of May. The oldest race on the Irish calendar. The A3 riders were given an 8 minute head start and it took all of 120KM of the 132 KM race to catch them. Two riders got away and took the Prize. Neil also made a break for it and came in 4th.

A grand day out.

Watch a video here below

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Kanturk Three Day

It has been a few weeks since the last finished race. Missing a weekend with a cold then going to the Ras Mumhan and being brought down on the first stage and bruising the knee. The Kanturk Three Day was therefore the first race in three weeks. Hoping for some good results, in the end form was not good and Neil gradually improved over the weekend to finally get a second place on the fourth and last 120KM stage. Well done to Stephen Gillman on the win.

Watch a video of Stage 4 below

Kanturk Three Day

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Donal Crowley Road Race

Neils Third A1 and A2 race was on a dreadfull day with very cold bitter conditions. They went off hard and the race split into three groups by the end of the first sixteen KM. Neil was in group two and after 70KM pulled out as he could not feel his hands anymore and the chase was never going to catch the elite guys further up the road.

Race winner was

1. Sean Hahessy – Dan Morrisey-MIG.ie-Pactimo
2. Conor Hennebry – Dan Morrisey-MIG.ie-Pactimo
3. Jamie Blanchfield – Panduit Carrick Wheelers

The Junior and A3 race was a one two for Kanturk with Tom Moriarty taking the win.

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Des Hanlon A1 and A2 race

Second race as an A2 was the Des Hanlon race. We left early on Saturday to drive to county Kilkenny where we stayed the night as the 750KM round trip in the one day would have been a bit much.

The Des Hanlon is an Irish classic and there was a field of 140 riders. With three laps of a tough circuit making the race 130KM. There were many breaks with guys going “up the road” but in the end like last week Conor Hennebry was again the winner, with about twelve riders coming in first. Neil was somewhere between 30th and 40th looking at the photos. Not a bad ride as the best riders of the country were all there.

Conor Hennebry
John, Neil and Paidi from the Killarney CC

Watch two clips of the A1 A2 race here

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The A3 and Junior Des Hanlon Race

The junior race was won in fine style by Aaron Wade who broke away clear at the start of the first big hill on their two lap race. He was later joined by Kevin another of his team mates. They won on their own, great ride.

Aaron Wade goes for the early, deciding break
Kevin McCambridge and Aaron

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Hunt 50 Carbon wide aero wheels review

Ordered a pair of Hunt 50 Carbon wide aero wheels at the end of January and they finally arrived with a few weeks delay the day before the Ras Luimni . I carefully installed my tyres and cassette and today went out for a 56KM pre race training session. When I got back the rear wheel had a buckle through almost half of its circumference. On closer inspection I notice that three left side spokes are cracking at the nipple on the rim, so the wheel is already a write off.

A sad start to my use of the wheels and I had to race the Ras Luimni with my Aero wide aluminium rear instead. We’ll see how long it takes for Hunt to send me a replacement wheel. I hope it is soon as I have races every weekend and I was hoping to have the advantage of a deeper wheel set.

If you have a pair of these, inspect the rims around the spoke nipples.

Three weeks later and the new wheel arrives with two free water bottles. Tyre and Cassette fitted. I hope this wheel is good, I missed out on using the pair properly on the first three races of the season.

Unboxing and cracked Wheel video here

Hunt 50 Carbon wide aero wheels review

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