Crotty Cup 2019

Neil rode in the Crotty Cup on Saturday the 11th of May. The oldest race on the Irish calendar. The A3 riders were given an 8 minute head start and it took all of 120KM of the 132 KM race to catch them. Two riders got away and took the Prize. Neil also made a break for it and came in 4th.

A grand day out.

Watch a video here below

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Kanturk Three Day

It has been a few weeks since the last finished race. Missing a weekend with a cold then going to the Ras Mumhan and being brought down on the first stage and bruising the knee. The Kanturk Three Day was therefore the first race in three weeks. Hoping for some good results, in the end form was not good and Neil gradually improved over the weekend to finally get a second place on the fourth and last 120KM stage. Well done to Stephen Gillman on the win.

Watch a video of Stage 4 below

Kanturk Three Day

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