Cork County Cycling Championships

The last few weeks have seen a few races, notably the Orwell 2 Day where Neil managed to get 15th overall, he just missed the break on stage three, if that had worked out it would have been a lot better. Still a few days later and he drives to Fermoy to participate in the Cork Champs. A great ride he won the race in a two man break with Sean Barrett from Kanturk O’Leary Stone, who at the same time won the Junior title.

A long drive for an evening race but worth it

Watch a video here below

Cork County Championships

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Irish National Junior Cyclo Cross Race 2018

Irish National Junior Cyclo Cross Race 2018 was a tough one, did not do well at all, ah sure there is always next year. Time to put the focus back on training for the road.

Watch a video of the Junior Race here

Irish National Junior Cyclo Cross Race 2018

The race was won by Thomas CREIGHTON, with my old team mate Archie RYAN in second place, good man Archie.

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Munster Cyclo Cross Championships

Rode in the main race as a Junior and won the junior race, sadly with not enough Juniors riding with the seniors it does not count as a medal just a  race win. Very muddy conditions but nice circuit.

Watch a video of the race below

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